Friday, 27 August 2010

Strawberry Nails :)

Hi guys!! Hope everyone is well?? I've been mega busy of late, but haven't actually got anything done!! So frustrating!! I think it cos I've been working quite a bit, and being about 5-6 months pregnant, and having a 2year old, and having 3 kittens running around the house, my nails drop to the bottom of my list!! :('s a nail pic I found whilst I was sorting out my photo albums on my laptop. It was taken a fair while ago, well before I'd even considered doing a nail blog. It's not a brilliant pic, but I think you get the idea of what I was doing!

I think, if I remember correctly, I used Barry M 262 Bright Red for the base colour, Barry M 290 Spring Green for the strawberry leaves and 17 Lasting Fix in Sherbet Lemon for the dots. I never have a problem with application when I use Barry M, it's awesome! But, with this red colour, I do remember I had a massive staining issue afterwards! Despite the use of a base coat (at this point in time, it would have most likely been No7 Base Coat) it still stained, badly :( and I lived with horrible yellowy stained nails for AGES!!

Well, I hope to be back very soon with some more nail art designs! I have just bought myself the OPI Shrek minis collection and managed to get the OPI Alice in Wonderland mini collection off of eBay for a reasonable price :) and I absolutely cant wait to use them, so hopefully it wont be long til I'm back!!!

Big hugs xxx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Rainbow Nails :)

Hi everyone!! I've been missing on here for a few days because I've been mega busy, and a bit under the weather, but here's something to cheer everyone up, Rainbow Nails!!! How could you not love ??!?!

This is my thumb nail, where I focused most of my rainbow-attention! Wow, didnt actually think it would have been too hard, but boy was I getting frustrated!! Probably my fault as I didnt leave much time, as you can see, the yellow part of the rainbow was a bit neglected as I was pushed for time!!!

Here's a list of the polishes I used to make the rainbow (it was all done free hand and straight from the bottle brush) :

Base Coat : Rimmel Stronger Try Harder Double Duty Base Coat
  • 17 Fast Finish in Knockout Red
  • 17 Lasting Fix in Orange Soda
  • 17 Fast Finish in Go Go
  • Barry M 290 Spring Green
  • Barry M 306 Blueberry
  • Barry M 161 Vivid Purple

Top Coat : Seche Vite

Here's what I did with the rest of my nails! I painted french tips on them, using all the colours that I used for the rainbow! The other hand has the green and red, and I used the blue and purple again because I thought that looked the best :)

I got a fair few comments on my nails, especially whilst I was at work. One guy came in and said to me "I'll have a chicken chow mein and nails like yours please, they're awesome!!". That put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!!

Well, he liked my nails, I liked my nails, what do you guys think??

Big hugs xxx

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pink Tips :)

Hello again :) Hope you guys are OK?!

Today I have a reeeaaaalllllly simple nail design for you to look at. Pink Tips!!!
It started with a base coat, I used Rimmel Stronger Double Duty Base Coat, as I can suffer with quite flaky nails :( and have found this helps a bit. If you guys have any suggestions as to what else I can do/try I'd love to hear it :)

Then I painted the tips on all of my nails, except the ring finger, where I painted the whole nail. I used Barry M Bright Pink (no.279) throughout. I didn't use nail tip guides as I often find I make more mess that without them :/ however, this would be a perfect time to use them should you find them useful.

After applying two coats on every nail, I then used a nail sticker to decorate my ring finger. The application of the varnish was lovely, this is a polish I come back to again and again, and would buy more of. Not only is it cheap, the range has an awesome amount of colours and the application for all that I've tried has been great.

I did, however, MASSIVELY struggle with the sticker. It was, I admit, part of a cheap set from eBay but to me this shouldn't make a difference. Surely a nail sticker is a nail sticker, right??

Well.....I stuck it on, it lifted up. I stuck it down again, it lifted again. It did this before and after I applied the topcoat. I even used Seche Vite!! (I wanted to try this top coat out, so purchased a sample bottle, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed!!)

I'm unsure whether it's because I was using cheap stickers, or whether there was another reason. Anybody have any suggestions as to how to fix this little problem of mine??

Anyways....I hope you enjoyed :)

Big hugs xxx

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

First Photo Post!!!!!! here it first photo post!!!!

It was my birthday not long ago, so I decided to do some pretty birthday nails. And nothing is prettier and more birthday-like than Cupcakes!!!! I do love a nice that is pretty, and chocolatey, and so moreish that you could eat another three. Enjoy :)

Here's a close up of the actual cupcake. I used 17 Lasting Fix Polish, appropriately named "Fairy Cake" for the nail. It's a lovely candy pastel pink that is just gorgeous! I thought it would be nice to use a different colour for the background than the rest of the nails. I used this pink for both thumb nails and both ring fingers. The application was slightly streaky, it took about 3coats to look even, it possibly could have done with one more, but I don't like 4 coats of varnish! Love the end colour though, and looks exactly like the bottle colour.

The cupcake was made from small lines of Rimmel Lycra Pro in Posh Trash (no.378) to create the cake base. This colour is a light brown with a slight gold toned sheen to it. I can't really comment on the application, as I used a cocktail stick to apply the varnish! The cupcake top was made from Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener, with a handy slanted brush, which helped application (and is very handy when doing french tips!). The cherry on top was using 17 Fast Finish in Knockout Red. I love this red, its sexy and vibrant, totally worthy of the name.

The rest of the nails are painted with Eyeko Vintage Polish, for Elegant Nails, a lovely jade green varnish which really does make nails look elegant! This polish went on well, with 3 coats getting it to bottle colour.
Eyeko is an awesome London based brand, with the Japanese cuteness that I can't resist! I can't wait to try some of the other polishes I purchased when I got this one!!!

Hope you like my first post!! Forgive me for poor photos, I'm still learning how to take good pics!!!

Have a wonderful day wherever you are :)

Big hugs x

Monday, 2 August 2010

First Post!!! :)

Hey hey!!

Well.....i dont really know where to start!! This is my first ever blog and i'm super excited about it!! I wanted to start my own blog for a few reasons.....

1) I LOVE nail art, and I'm getting fairly good at some designs so I wanted to share with you guys :)

2) I live in the UK and haven't found that many blogs (forgive me if I'm wrong!!) that are based in the UK and therefore use polishes which I have access to.

3) I wanted to join the growing community of nail art/nail polish bloggers which already preoccupy most of my day!!! :)

Right, a quick little sum-up of me :) I live in Norfolk, in the South East of England. I live with my lovely partner Damian, and my BEAUTIFUL (and slightly mad) 2year old son, Jackson. I'm now about 20 weeks pregnany with my 2nd child (going to find out soon what i'm having!!). I also have two cats, and one of them has just had 3's a wonder how we all fit in our house!!!

As I've recently had my 22nd birthday, I did some special birthday nails which will be my first nail art post :)

I hope it wont be too long til I get these pics up!!!

Big hugs :) :) :)