Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Toadstool Toes!!

Good afternoon!!! Hope everyone is well??? Excuse the toes picture....I normally hate toes and do anything to avoid looking at my own, let alone other people's!!! But after I'd done these, I was quite proud of them, so I thought I'd show you anyway!! Please bear in mind, I was about 26/27 weeks pregnant at the time of doing these, and my bump really got in the way....so that's why it's not perfect and also why my nails and cuticles look pants!! But fear not, within a week I booked a pedicure and now have lovely nails once again!!

I used OPI's Mad as a Hatter from the Alice in Wonderland collection (thank you, eBay!!) on my little toes, and I loved it!! It's so sparkly, and pretty and I just love love love it!! I used a clear base coat on all my nails, as this wouldn't change the appearance of Mad as a Hatter, which is what I wanted. Then on my big toe I used Rimmel Lycra Pro in Posh Trash as the base colour, which goes on lovely and lasts for ages! I'm not too keen on the actual colour as I feel like it makes my skin look a bit weird, but underneath nail art it seems OK. For the 'grass' I used StarGazer nail polish in 154.....I picked this up from a New Look store, but I'm sure I've seen them on eBay. The toadstool stalk and spots on the toadstool was done with Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener, and the red part of the toadstool was Thanks So Muchness! from the OPI Alice in Wonderland Collection. I topped it all off with 17 Glitter Nail Xtras to give it a bit more of a magical feel. Hope you like!!

Big hugs xxx

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